Every girl’s dream


Take a look inside the closet of Suzanne Rogers, a Toronto-based fashion icon. I’m drooling right now so I don’t think I can or need to add any other words to this post. Enjoy!


Source : The Coveteur
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5 thoughts on “Every girl’s dream

  1. Jesus, i’m…gobsmacked!
    Toate tipele astea de pe de coveteur au niste garderobe si dulapuri geniale…Bine, sunt si surprinse de niste ochi abili( la fotografi ma refer) dar oricum, lucrurile sunt fabulos de frumoase. Iar pe mine ce ma omoara cel mai tare sunt tonele alea de pantofi YSL din pozele astea 8-> Of of.

  2. Oh, my…Oh….my!I m speechless! These pictures actually gave me goose bumps! Look at those perfect pink Chanel bags…and Balmain…I m a little intrigued by her all black closet. But I guess that s just a part of her wardrobe. Wait…is that JUST the closet where she keeps her black clothes?!:-s Come on…this can t be real!Anyway…fashion heaven is what that is…Have a great weekend, honey!xoxo

  3. NO! That isn’t real! So fucking unfair! I don’t think I can write a proper comment, because I.HAVE.TO.REMEMBER.HOW.TO.BREATHE.RIGHT.NOW!!! Like..RIGHT now! :D

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